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How to Improve Your pharmacy shelving system

In order to improve your workflow in your pharmacy/cosmetic shop, you have to reconsider some items in your pharmacy shelving system, regardless of the type of shelving you have in mind or the material you are going to use for your pharmacy shelving system.

Perhaps you are planning to redesign your store and run a pharmacy section as a part of a larger department store of maybe you are considering running an independent pharmacy business with an entirely new structure.

Both ways, you need to take both warehouse shelving and commercial shelving into consideration.

Obviously, the design you choose for the racking and shelving in your pharmacy/ cosmetic shop, can serve two purposes:

  1. The attraction a cutting-edge and innovative interior and shelving design can provide in order to improve your workflow.
  2. The safety and security that a bold and modern racking and shelving system can enhance and ensure.

An outdated and inefficient shelving design can hurt and slow down your sales. If that is the case, changing or redesigning your pharmacy’s racking and shelving would be essential.

New retail shelving tools and strategies can offer different advantages, provided that you, as a business-owner or a pharmacist, incorporate some principles.

First, make sure that you shelve the products and merchandise in categories, making it easier for customers to seek and find them.

Secondly, ensure that there is adequate space and marked contrast between brands and products in order to provide additional convenience.

Third, make sure that your customers feel comfortable in your pharmacy. The way you rack and shelve the products can make them feel confident that you are concentrating on their needs rather than your commercial interests and personal benefits.

Next, a disorganized display of products and merchandise on inappropriate racks and shelves can ruin your business and pose workflow obstacles. If your shelving and racking style is able to display products in an organized way, your customers can find the products they are looking for in an approachable and convenient way.

Finally, an innovative shelving design can offer easy and unfettered access to the products and merchandise and consequently boost your sales.

Your customers need to find your rack shelving user-friendly and safe. If built and installed properly, retail shelving and racking can expedite and accelerate the selling process in your pharmacy, and in general, your retail store.

Irrespective of the attraction and appearance of your shelving patterns and the design of your shelves, the functionality of racking and shelving system is the key.

As for pharmacies, considering a functional and well-designed racking and shelving, both in-store and warehouse, can help to keep your merchandise organized and displayed properly and effectively.

If your pharmacy shelving system units are well-designed, high-quality and functional, they can be reliable for long-lasting shelving solutions.

Functionality and attractiveness of your shelving system are overlapping, because the more appealing and impressive your shelving and merchandise racking is to your customers, the higher chances are you can evoke positive and pleasant feelings in them.  If a competitor’s store looks and feels better for customers, they may choose your competition over you. But the question is: How can you improve your store’s appearance?

One obvious way is simply to update it. Customers notice an old-fashioned design. Therefore, consider modernizing different parts and aspects of your store, e.g. switching from fluorescent or harsh lighting to soft, recessed or indirect lighting.

Another point you should take into consideration is to arrange the levels of your shelves appropriately, whether bottom, middle or top shelves, in a way that customers can have a clear sight of the products. For example, you have to ensure that products are no higher than eye level. You might want to provide seating in specific and suitable locations around the store, especially for customers who have difficulty walking around. This can help you to suit the convenience of the customers.

Apart from shelving and display layout of the store, the layout and arrangement of the products on the shelves is a key factor to increased sales.

If customers are encouraged to stroll throughout the store, they will more easily see the products you have on shelves and racks, and potentially find items they did not realize they needed.

The signage you choose to guide customers throughout your store can enhance and magnify the effect of shelving strategy you have mapped out and executed to display your products and merchandise.

pharmacy shelving systems

pharmacy shelving systems, modern pharmacy shelves

What is the best pharmacy shelving style for a pharmacy/cosmetic shop?

As you choose the best layout and configuration of your shelving system, there are many factors you have to take into consideration, including height, width, length, color and construction material.

One of the most popular options for pharmacy and cosmetics shop floor plan shelving is Gondola Shelving. Apart from the attractive appearance it provides, Gondola Shelving creates and mounts prominent and excellent display for all kinds of products, such as medicines.

Moreover, if you are plotting and planning for a smooth and continuous traffic flow of customers between the aisles of the shelves, Gondola shelving system can provide you with divided sections which allow a more convenient seeking and finding process as well as a strong and supporting framework for light and heavy loads.

Gondola shelving system:

If you are considering utilizing Gondola shelving system, pay attention to the following before you take any action:

– Is the Gondola shelving you have picked for your store appropriate for the types of products you are going to display and sell?

– Does this type of shelving really produce the picture you are planning to display to your customers? Does it fit the brands you are going to sell?

No matter what the material of your shelves is – wooden, metal or glass – you can utilize Gondola shelves as commercial and industrial shelving style. In order to produce an improved performance from the shelving, you can mount the racks and shelves on wheels or casters.

Moreover, you can use pegboards or slat wall backs to enjoy various eye-catching visual in-store and wall displays. Gondola shelving and racking structure, provides you with a variety of options for your store displays and Medicine shelving system, particularly your pharmacy.

while you consider an attractive design for your pharmacy’s layout and shelving, consider these points which are related to the back end and front end design. 

About back end design in Pharmacy interior design:

Make sure that you consider an appropriate place for the counters and checkout. If you focus on the shelving layout and structure, you are likely to ignore the importance of the atmosphere where your personnel are going to work.

Apart from the pharmacy shelving system you consider for your store, particularly your pharmacy, make sure everything is within you personnel’s reach. Your personnel’s satisfaction is no less important than your customers’. The workplace ergonomics are of major priority for your personnel.

The shelving layout and racking system should be designed in a way that provide enough and comfortable “waiting area” for the customers. Dissatisfied customers might ruin your business and hurt your sales.

About front end design in Pharmacy Layout setting:

Your shelving style and layout should be arranged in a way that guide and lead customers in a counter-clockwise direction. Directing customers toward points of purchase around the store, could foster your sales and boost impulse buying. To achieve a substantial and noticeable impact on customers, your environment, store shelving and store display should be customer-friendly, easy-to-access and convenient.

Floor Plan

Before making decisions about shelving and racking system and layout, and warehouse racking structure and fixtures, it is a crucial step to choose the best floor plan, because it will ultimately determine the rest of the design process for your in-store and warehouse shelving pattern.

Traditional Floor Layout

In many stores, the traditional grid layout for fixtures and shelves is predominant. However, there are other patterns to set up the shelving system of a store, such as combination and free-flow floor plans. Despite the variety of shelving layouts available, traditional floor plan is one of the most beneficial layouts, because it provides significant and remarkable usage of the available space on in-store floor. In this shelving layout system, the shelves are set up parallel to the store’s side walls and provide maximum spacing.

The Gondola shelving, as one of traditional shelving systems, provides considerable and sufficient room for the displays, as well as aesthetically and visually appealing and pleasing features for the interior design of your store.

Impact of Pharmacy /cosmetics shop Fixtures on Sales

If the fixtures and shelving system of your pharmacy is functional, they can directly influence and boost sales. It is important to choose shelving that makes the merchandise more outstanding, notable, remarkable and distinguished rather than serve as a backdrop. Your shelving system can and should support your brand and merchandise and exhibit its characteristics and features.

To set up a distinguished, distinctive and inviting design and layout for your shelving system, the color and style you choose, must match and suit your brands and products. If the patterns and designs are eye-catching and harmonious, customers will find it comfortable and convenient to seek and find the products they need and will be encouraged to remember your store and spend more time on shopping.

In conclusion, considering a variety of factors such as lighting, shelving and racking system, store displays, color and shelving layout and spacing, convenience and accessibility of products altogether can result in high and healthy sales in your retail store and retail business.

modern pharmacy shelves

pharmacy shelving systems, modern pharmacy shelves

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