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General Showroom

In Dina customer matters the most. This is the strongest reason behind having a full range of our products in a show room to give our customers the ability to touch and feel the products before any decision making for their purchase. In our showroom we have all of our products for the customers to see, and our experts give a fully detailed explanation of each product, either technical or appearance options. A long list of our products is not included in our main catalog, so in our showroom our clients are able to see all of the products. Moreover, the clients who are looking to have custom made products can easily discuss what they want to do, and how they would like it to be done over the product itself.

Industrial Refrigeration Show Room

Our cold merchandising display products are an important part of our products. So, they take up a big part of our show room for clients to see every detail closely. In our industrial refrigeration section, our clients are able to see vertical and semi vertical refrigeration units, island type cabinets, freezers, full glass door refrigeration units and all other products. Also, our experts are available to give detailed explanation on color and size customization options.

Electronic Shop Equipment

In the electronic shop show room area, we have placed our most recent and innovative products. These products are specially designed and produced for electronic product display. There is special wiring implemented in each unit for electronic products. The looks are futuristic and suitable for an electronic shop. In our showroom, you can see and walk around your future. Mostly, in electronic shops, owners use blue lighting as a sign for a futuristic look, and in our showroom, we have implemented the same lighting so that you can have a better feeling of your retail store. This section of our showroom also consists of many custom-made products.

Fashion / Apparel Showroom

In the fashion and apparel section of our showroom we put two different things to show. The fashion industry is one of the most fast-forward industries in the field of equipment. Fashion and apparel section of showroom changes all through year to show innovation to our clients. At the same time, we have some of the main products which are known to be the basic of a clothing store. The basics, like wall units and tables, are produced to be flexible and fit in most of the stores. We also emphasize on the right type of lighting in any retail area, and in the fashion, industry lighting plays an important role.

Checkout Section

Make the last impression on your clients by choosing the right type of checkouts for your retail area. In our showroom, you can see all kinds of check outs and choose the right type for your store. All of our check outs can be customized to your meet your desires and needs. In our showroom, you see all the materials and colors which you can choose for your store. Our check out systems come in many sizes. Each check out system is specifically designed and manufactured to meet your desires and provides you with a set of different closet space and cash deposit place.

Bread Showroom

Bread section of your supermarket can play an important role in your sales. The nostalgia of this section drives your sales when the fresh bread is put on the shelves. In our showroom, we display all kinds of bread shelving made of wooden shelves and metal body. There are two reasons we choose wood for the shelves. First, wood is as nostalgic as the bread smell itself, and it can help your sales go up. Second, the wood absorbs the vapor of fresh bread, and it prevents the bread going bad. All of our product’s flexibility is put to show in this section as well, and they can all be customized.

Custom Made Line

In this section of our showroom you can find all kind of wire shelving systems and also custom made shelving units for cosmetic products. In this section, the most recent innovation is put to show and the customers are able to touch and feel customization to its maximum level. We have lighting implemented on the shelves, and dimensions are different than anything you have seen before. In this section, we also show branding tools, and inside store communication tools, which gives you a true feeling of what you can have in your retail area.

Grocery Shelving System

A very important part of our products is the shelving metal shelving system. We have a wide range of products in this section. The only reason behind creation of this section is to show our clients there is more to shelving than just a place for products. Our metal shelving system technology is the latest and most up to date tech available in the market. We use cold forming machinery next to robotic welding systems which results in high weight capacity of each shelf and also flexibility in design. All shelves are foam painted which gives the shelves higher resistance to rust during over time.


Every retailer needs accessories. It is very important to use the right kind of accessory in order to display all the products the proper way. Since the number of accessories are too high to show, and choosing the right one can be confusing for the clients, we have selected the most common and suitable accessories for all businesses. In our showroom, we have placed all accessories in the right section for our clients to see and choose accordingly. Moreover, you may see all kinds of in store communication tools in our showroom as well.