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There are many exhibitions all around the world related to retail industry. As an active firm in the retail design and equipment industry we participate in most of these international gatherings. The main purpose for our visit, both as an exhibitor firm or a visitor group, is to expand our relations with main and top suppliers in the market, and also to expand our business in new grounds. Every year we exhibit in more than 5 exhibitions around the world to show our product lines and share our experience with others. Mostly, we enter exhibit in international exhibitions in Middle East. During these exhibitions we attract new clients, get to know our competitions and also we attract new business partners.

At the same time, we visit exhibitions all around the world in order to keep our knowledge up to date all through the year. From all the important exhibitions we visit or exhibit in with our partners we can name EuroShop and Mapic as the most important ones.


We believe in the power of connections and relations in Dina, and at the same time we always think of giving back to the society. We have made ourselves a culture in the company, and this is the backbone of Dina. Business-wise, we do our best to be an active part of all related exhibitions so that we can share our knowledge and achievements with all of our partners, and also to learn anything new about the market.  At the same time, we also try to be a positive part of our community by taking part in charity events.

Please view the exhibition gallery to see our presence and exhibition culture during the past few years.