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Retail design and equipment in Middle East, ready to start

Dina is one of the leading companies in the retail industry in the Middle East. We are ready to consult, design, supply and implement premium quality equipment at the most efficient cost, for all grocery stores, supermarkets, Café, Restaurants, Bakeries, and pastries.

Whether you have a small or a wide location, we are here to help you to build your dream retail store, with 17 years of experience in retail shopfitting, grocery and supermarket design and execution; our expertise is to expand your imagination into the real world.

You are only one click away from getting your free design consultation session with our experts.



hypermarket and supermarket design with the best store equipment


hypermarket design | supermarket design | store equipment


best hypermarket design in Toronto | supermarket design | store equipment



Designing and Implementing more than 7.8 million Sq-ft of retail area.

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Implementing more than 860 projects all over Middle East

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Why Dina

Given the innovative and sustainable solutions by reducing costs and increasing ROI to shareholders, We are loaded with lots of well-known projects all around the Middle East.
Utilizing extensive experience and broad resource network in the retail industry, we are now proud to announce our presence in Canada and North America.Visit us for a free consultation today and start your glorious future in the retail industry

You are only one click away from getting your free design consultation session with our experts.


Dina Subsidiaries

Providing profitable in-store solutions for our clients encouraged us to add a list of new equipment to our designs by cooperating with recognizable brands. We are now able to supply our projects with a wide range of products for supermarkets and grocery stores. All of our items are produced with the latest technologies in different locations in Europe. For more information, feel free to contact our experts at Dina.

Shelving System


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Your future is visible now!


Dina Services

Keeping the highest quality and your profitability is the core purpose of our business, we offer you solutions that differentiate you from the very first steps of designing to furnishing and equipping your store.

supermarket design in Middle East| hypermarket design | store equipment


Shop Design

Days have changed all industries around us. To survive in the world of expanding new businesses, you need to be up to date in every possible way. The Interior design of your retail store is one of the main factors that makes you bold.Read more


Retail Equipment

Aiming to increase impulse sales in a convenience store, any retailer has a purpose in starting a new business or redesigning and developing an old one. It is essential to use the proper Supermarket and Grocery Store Equipment for the best possible result. Our experts will provide a wide range of options that suits your retail store. From the Cooling system and Industrial refrigeration to plug-in cabinets and display counters, Remote cabinets, deli & meat Showcase, multi deck merchandise Cooler, and all other equipment in the retail store.Read more



Uniqueness is our always concern and our purpose is positive impact on retail environment. Our stylish designers explore, develop, and execute based on your requirements including space planning, furniture, and equipment, and also digital signage. Executing a 3d layout is where all the issues come together and your brand identity appears. Our designers will give you a full view of your store, enhancing international and local standards.Read more



When your retail area is designed and all the store equipment is supplied, our installation team will take care of the execution. All the technical installations of your equipment will be done by our installation experts with maximum care and efficiency.Read more



people tend to know what they are looking for when entering a supermarket or grocery store, so using the correct point of signage is crucial to encourage a shopper to make a purchase decision and boost sales. Products must be marked and highlighted clearly for them. To make sure of the best solutions, our designers provide you with the most reasonable signage and in-store marketing solutionsRead more


Project name: Hyper ME
Area: 26,900 Sqft.
Services: Shelving systems, shelving accessories, terolly

Lets walk around the project to see what is going on in this branch of Hyper ME. We have a special color code for shelving system production used in Hyper ME.

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