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Supermarket and Grocery

Supermarket and Grocery Store Design and Equipment

Supermarkets are considered as the biggest type of retail areas, and they offer their clients a wide range of products in different sections like fashion, food, basic needs and even home appliances which give the clients the opportunity to have a complete shopping basket all in one place. This type of retail markets is able to satisfy the basic needs of a city life style in an area between 30,000 square feet up to 50,000 square feet. Another point of strength for these retailers are the ability to run seasonal offers, special sales and prices which persuade the clients to visit repeatedly on weekly or monthly bases.


Supermarket Layout

One of the most important elements in supermarket design and layout is easy access to all products. This is important to both clients and owners of the market, since the clients are looking to find all their needs with comfort without confusion, and owners need the clients to have the opportunity to see all the products on display to have the right sales rates. Moreover, the right layout design also helps the interior design to be more eye-catching and attractive.

طراحی فروشگاه mita

Mitakish Hypermarket

One our most loyal and respected clients is Mita Kish. Mita Kish one of the well-known chains in Middle East with many retail areas and grocery stores…

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Ava Market

A master piece of design and equipment is the right description for this project. Designing and equipping such project was a challenge …

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طراحی فروشگاه 2mitakish

70,000 Sq. feet of Hypermarket

Dina is known to bring modernity to an area. One our greatest projects with 70,000 square feet of area is located in Iran. It is, now, known as the most modern hypermarket …

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Tara Grocery Store

Tara Grocery Store, is a mini hypermarket with 7200 square feet area in a location which lacked having such a retailer available …

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Lighting and Signage

In a supermarket, due to its big areas, it is important to light up all the sections the with enough LUX. You need to have a uniform light all around the store. There is an opportunity to emphasize on special sections like special offers of unit heads with new arrivals with some lighting tricks to draw your clients’ attention. In addition, you need to design the right in-store signage to have a proper communication with your customers and guide them around your store. Lighting plus the right signage will help you create the right customer flow all around the store.