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Mitakish Hypermarket

One our most loyal and respected clients is Mita Kish. Mita Kish one of the well-known chains in Middle East with many retail areas and grocery stores. For this unique grocery project, again, Dina was chosen to be the consultant, designer, and implementer.

The project is located in a luxurious area in an astonishing shopping mall. After the feasibility studies and conducting the necessary information we took the first steps towards creation of this outstanding premium supermarket. All the 2D designs and layouts were done by our experts for the client’s acceptance. the products and systems were chosen according to the feasibility studies we provided and also the needs of the project.

  • Swing Door Merchandiser

  • Toronto Pallet Rack 2

  • Toronto Pallet Racking 2

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In this project we designed a new premium concept for Mita Group. Within the concept, we used natural wood, high quality ceramic flooring and custom made lighting to give the grocery store a different look. The wood was used to bring luxury to the supermarket. The ceramic is chosen because of its special characteristic for easy cleaning proposes and anti-stain properties of this specific type of ceramic we chose. Lighting is designed to give the unique looks and the proper environmental light the grocery shop needs. The colors we used in our designs are considered as neutral colors, so the products on the shelves have the most visibility under the sport lights for the customers.

The shelving and refrigeration units are placed in order to give this U shape store the best customer flow possible. at the checkout desks we provided the client suitable shelving units to have the small goods on the right spot for the final sales plan. You may visit the gallery and YouTube video to have a better look at the store.