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Ava Market

A master piece of design and equipment is the right description for this project. Designing and equipping such project was a challenge and at the same time an opportunity to bring something new to town. The project is located in a food court. We needed to secure the perimeters of the project for safety and security reasons. We chose wood to create the market’s walls. There were two main reasons for such decision, first to keep the looks in coordination with the general modern looks of the shopping center, and second to create a window for the customers in the mall to see the products inside.

Since there is no hard ceiling in the market lighting was another challenge. Our engineers designed a specific hanger lighting so that we can have light on all shelves and get the required amount of light over all the products on the shelves.

  • Steel Shelves

  • Material Handeling

  • Rack Shelving

  • Shelving Systems Toronto

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The shelving is designed to match the overall looks of the market. The head units are decorated with wood so we can have a harmony. A harmony of modernity, luxury and technology which is brought together with Mono Systems. The Mono checkout systems we used for the market includes cigarette boxes on top and a design with lighting specific for this market.

The cold site of the project is also done by Dina group in the project. Lack of light in the cold site is mostly the issue for markets like this. This is why we installed lighting inside the shelves of refrigeration units and freezer cabins.