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Shelving System

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry of shelving system production, now a days Mono owns the latest technologies of production of metal shelving. Taking advantage of roll forming technology gives us the opportunity to produce metal shelving with custom dimensions and high weight endurance.

Metal Shelving System

shelving systems are long term investment, so it is important to choose the right fit to your store. Our Mono Metal shelving systems are designed and produces in a way to have the highest weight endurance possible. The Mono shelves system can be customized in size and colors.In every store the planograms change, and this means the shelves move around. There are two advantages for our shelving systems in this case. First, our shelving systems are painted with foam paint, meaning the paint is more resistant to scratches than normal paints.

Second, our shelving systems are easy to be modified. The shelves can be moved up and down and there are a lot of options for accessories and marketing tools to be installed on the shelves.

Checkout System

The last stop for your clients is the check out. The last picture you leave in your customer’s mind is right here at the check outs. Mono Checkout systems are designed with elegance and attention to details, so that everything happens smoothly at the checkout. There are special accessories designed to be added to the checkout systems to help you create a chance for small goods to be sold.

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F&V System

Fruits and vegetable section is where your customers can feel fresh. Mono has come up with many new innovations in this section. Since this section of your store tends to be more humid it is important to have top quality foam painting to resists rust. The way the fruits are displayed is in direct relation with sales of the fruits and your customers experience.

The shelves are designed with a slight angel so your customers can have the best look possible on the fruits. Also, it helps your customers have an easier access to pick what they want.

Fashion/Apparel System

The world of fashion is totally different when it comes to design and equipment. It is a world on fast forward, and our fashion/apparel department is producing new ideas and designs continuously. In this section we are committed to be up to date according to our clients’ requirements.

The shelves can be customized according to the products you are planning to sell. The color and marketing space also have the flexibility in production.

Bread System

Home to the nostalgic part of your store is just in this section. the smell of fresh bread and the way you display it is very important to make your client happy. Our designers have come up with wooden shelve designs which fit right to this section.

Using metal and wood together gives us the opportunity to be flexible in production and design. The bread section Mono Systems can be customized in any way possible. For additional information and designs for your store please contact our consultants at Dina Group.