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Marina Standard Curved

Marina Standard Curved

Lenght (mm)-Except Sidewall: 
40 mm
Temperature Class: 
M2(-1/+7C°) / M1(-1/+5C°)

Item Price 2,730.00 EUR
10,319 AED
Size: 250cm x 122cm x 98cm (LxWxH)

- A pair of side panels will be added based on your cabin arrangements - €360
- Other length pricing is available upon request and for more information on options and accessories contact our sales representatives
- All prices EXW
- Cooling system will be calculated based on cabin and project arrangement

Item Description

Acmecoolant Serve Over Counters are designed to be flexible in positioning in the store. Our Serve Over Counters can be produced as plug-in refrigeration units and also remote merchandise display units. Size and color variation is available upon request. You may contact our sales department or visit products for more information.



Item Features

Temperature Class:  M2(-1/+7C°) / M1(-1/+5C°)
Lenght (mm)-Except Sidewall:  625/937/1250/1875/2500/2814/3750
Sidewall:  40 mm