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70,000 Sq. feet of Hypermarket

Dina is known to bring modernity to an area. One our greatest projects with 70,000 square feet of area is located in Iran. It is, now, known as the most modern hypermarket in the area.

Dina started the project as a designer agency along with the project managers. We used our vast experience in retail design and equipping to create the first 2D renders and layouts of the hypermarket. The greatest challenge in designing such great retail area, is to create a careful customer flow throughout the store so that all the long list of products being sold is seen by all the customers.

A hypermarket this big, needs a huge back up for maintenance and this is why we have seen the ceiling as exposed so there is an easy access for electrical and mechanical installations. The color of the ceiling is all black so it doesn’t grab any attention for the sales of the hypermarket’s sake.

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We have created an environment for the customer to easily move around the hypermarket with our Poly Systems. We have given the store the biggest available size of trollies so the clients can do their shopping with the most possible comfort.

The shelving is gray, a neutral color so the clients’ eyes are only on the products throughout the store and they do not feel the tired.

There is a cold site in the store, which needed to be merged with hot dry counters. We used the most up to date technologies to fit hot and cold sections next to each other.