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Tara Grocery Store

Tara Grocery Store, is a mini hypermarket with 7200 square feet area in a location which lacked having such a retailer available. We dedicated a team of expert to design and equip this grocery store with the latest technologies and designs available. The result was nothing but a warm welcome from the people in the area.

We designed the layout of the grocery shop with two main goals in mind. First, all the needs of the customers must be satisfied when shopping in this store and all their shopping desires must be considered and met. We sat the layout so all the goods are in easy access of the customers. Second, we placed all the equipment in a way to prevent rally of customers in one spot and emptiness in others. This way we have given the store more spots for promotions and special sales.

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The systems we used in the store emphasizes on maximizing the revenue and sales in the store;

First is the cold site, which the systems are made with the highest quality and the latest technologies in the industry. The shelving systems with the right layout that our designers have placed them in the store create the perfect customer flow. Gray is chosen as the main color for the shelving systems, since it is a neutral color it grabs less attention. As the result customers can have more attention to the products on the shelves; meaning the sales in this grocery store grows accordingly.

Dina Poly System is also given to the grocery shop so that the customers shop easily and in total comfort.