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Poly Systems


We make shopping easier for you by our poly system trolleys. The wheels are designed in Germany with the latest technologies for a smooth movement in all direction. The light weight poly carbonate chassis and basket is another advantage that brings you a great experience of shopping whether you buy one item or make it full!

Poly Systems

Easy Cleaning

The basket is designed in a special way to make it easier to clean. In addition, we have considered your comfort as well as your customers, and this is why the nesting area of our systems are 20% less than other available models in the market in of the available sizes.

Poly Systems

Verity of Sizes

Poly systems are produced in many different sizes to fit your needs in any environment. The most common sizes are 90L, 130L, 160L, and 210L. Aside from the trolleys  we have a full line of baskets for smaller size retailers; 20L, 34L, 55L, and 65L.

Poly Systems

65 Litter Baskets

Our product lines are there to serve any retail environment with any area. For smaller retail areas we produce a full range of fashionable and colorful products. For medium sized markets we offer your clients a comfortable, and light weight basket to give them the best shopping experience.

Poly Systems

20 Litter Baskets

Some Customers walk in to stores with a small shopping list around 10 items or so, meaning carrying a trolley or a big basket is not justifiable for them. This is why we produce these low weight 20 litter baskets in the most fashionable possible way to harmonize with you store and bring comfort for your clients.

Poly Systems

55 Litter Baskets

The perfect system for stores that have a limitation of space between shelves is the colorful line of 55 litter baskets. With 55 litter volume for shopping, these light weight baskets offer your customers comfort and happiness while they are walking around your store.