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Commercial Refrigerator

With more than 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and selling commercial refrigeration systems in the European market, ACMECOOLANT, along with the development of its sales agents, has established a sales office in the Middle East as a market with high customer capacity; now we are in Canada and North America. ACMECOOLANT Group strives to focus on detail, ensure product quality and customer satisfaction through an extensive service network.

metal shelves for supermarket

Shelving System

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry of shelving system production, now a days Mono owns the latest technologies of production of metal shelving. Taking advantage of roll forming technology gives us the opportunity to produce metal shelving with custom dimensions and high weight endurance.

Shopping Cart

Trolleys are one of the key pieces of customer satisfaction puzzle. Polly system is designed to bring comfort to your shop. The wheels are designed in Germany with the latest technologies to give our system a smooth movement in all direction. The light weight poly-carbonate chassis and basket is another advantage we can mention about our trolleys over other products in the market.


In today’s market of retail, at an average rate, based on our research, each client faces 3000 advertising messages throughout the day. You may not realize how you are exposed, or how they affect you. This is why in store advertising and communication with your client is an essential sales booster for your business. Dina accessory systems are designed professionally to help you communicate with your customers easily and guide them through their shopping time.