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Acmecoolant, with more than 25 years of experience in design, production, and sales of refrigeration systems in European markets, synchronous with expanding sales offices, took an action towards opening a sales office in Iran; as a market with high capacity of sales. Acmecoolant’s effort is focusing on details, making sure of quality, and customer satisfaction by vast network of services. This company, as a part of its innovation program, took action to start a new design and production line based on local needs, which with today’s technology this matter has become possible. This company, as an international complex, is fully aware of the effect of its activities on the environment, local population and its customers, therefore it has been keeping its environmental and social promises, and so it has been successful to reduce the energy usage of its products by %32. With guarantee that our system is matched with environmental limitation and hygiene completely, expanding relations between producers and retailers is a part of our vision. That mentioned, high quality of products and under the local and international standards is also taken serious as our responsibility, and all these years we have worked in the industry as one of leading companies in the market.

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Monoshelf has started producing supermarket shelving system by using exact technical calculations and also the latest technologies available in the world. Comparing to similar systems in the market, Monoshelf, in addition to external advantages, has uncountable technical superiority. Of them all we can mention the high amount of weight resistance and the wide range of products compatibility. Dina’s choice for shelving systems is always Monoshelf, since in addition to all above Monoshelf has exceptional beauty features. Monoshelf’s wall and two sided shelves is an innovative solution in sales of alimentary and other products. The main indexes of Monoshelf products is: design, color, variety in size, high weight tolerance to synch with all different products. All above done, Monoshelf has not forgotten beauty as a big part of its production cycle.

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After over thirty years of activity, after having made many market researches and analysis, in 2011 polytrolly launched on sale its first model of shopping trolley made of plastics. The product immediately stood out because of its structural and functional features, the choice of raw materials and its elegant design. Currently polytrolly offers the shopping trolleys of following capacities: 80 l., 130 l., 160 l. and 210 l. in different solutions and configurations. The sale of trolleys represents an important part of the company’s activity.

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Addcold has committed to provide quality of each product and the highest level of certification. All of our products comply with strict safety requirements set out by the EC the CE standards. As a further indication of the stability of the design, operational excellence and manufacturing processes Addcold has ISO 9001 certification since 1998. Furthermore, all conditions were performed to obtain the instructions to the 97/23 / EC (PED) Addcold production and manufacture.

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Decoriall was founded in 1990 in order to supply a new and different product for the big distribution: matching a simple poster with three-dimensional decoration. Here is how the “thermomoulded products” were born from an idea: new style, new materials, new brightness, three-dimensional shapes full of presence and capable to give a great visual impact on big surfaces. In few years our Company has grown up in the national and international market, becoming a leader in thermomoulding. Nowadays Decoriall has a top level production cycle with machinery for big size thermo-moulding, presses for thermomoulded products, die-cutting machinery and a system for screen printing with the possibility to print up to 2 m. The creative department, strength of Decoriall, gives great importance to a constant research, testing of new materials and innovative solutions in order to offer to the customer an avant-garde product ensuring the quality of the brand “Made in Italy”. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our staff, even your highly ambitious projects can be realized.

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Careful use of energy is the great challenge of our times. Factors such as environmental compatibility, energy saving and reduction of energy costs are always the centre of focus in the development, production and operation of our products. This benefits both the environment and our customers and is a goal to which Onlight is committed. From LED lighting technology to clean air technologies – thanks to active research and development Onlight is able to offer its customers solutions that are future-proof and open up new design and also commercial possibilities. Because every project is unique, the quality of cooperation with customers and planners is just as important to Onlight as the quality of the products. For customised concepts that create real added value.

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